Anglers Board of Directors

SWYC has a very active and successful Anglers group, led by its Board of Directors.


President – Rob Epsten
Vice President  – Mark Fleming
Secretary – S/C Mary Haller
Treasurer – S/C Greg Barr
Directors - Dan Peterson, Todd Mora, CL Smith, Luc Ofield, KC Montgomery

Other important positions:

Weigh Masters - Rich Richards, Michael Mooradian
Trophies - Rob Epsten, Michael Mooradian, Rich Richards
Anglers Roster - Rob Epsten
Marine Life Enhancement - Gene Geiger & Larry George 
Reel Fun Reporter - Harry Okuda
 Photographer - Harry Okuda
Potluck / Mixers - Donna Templin
 Tournament Anglers - Michael Mooradian
Junior Liaison - Donna Templin
Board of Directors Liaison – Director Daniel Silva 

The Anglers Board of Directors meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30PM