Southwestern Racing Fleet

The Southwestern Racing Fleet (SWRF) is part of Sail Fleet and was organized to promote sailboat racing at the family level for members only. Contact us (see below) to learn how you can race your own boat or crew on another boat in the next race.Among the objectives is to encourage the development of sailing skills among friends and family members as well as the social activities that are part of the sport. The racing season is from January to November, with December set aside for end of the year social events and award ceremonies. Some of the races include overnight raft-ups at Mission Bay and Glorietta Bay. The intent is to promote a love for the sport of sailing in general, and racing in particular among friends and family members. We look forward to seeing you on the water or at one or more of the activities this year! See the race calendar, notice of race and results below!


Racing Fleet Captain, Don Garber at (619) 743-66-zero-one or email at
Asst. Fleet Captain, Terry Smith at (858) 602-2439 or email at

SWYC RACING FLEET SCHEDULE 2019 all racing on Sunday unless noted

  *SWRF Class, but not High Point Race 
Date:     Name: Race 
Race Info:  Results: 
     January 6      Sullivan Series 1/3 Sun Hunter NOR/SIs
Start Times
January 27     Sullivan Series 2/3 Edel    
February 10     Sullivan Series 3/3 Comfort Zone    
 February 24     Disraeli Series 1/3 Little Wing    
March 10     Disraeli Series 2/3      
March 24      Disraeli Series 3/3      
April 7     Valle Series 1/3      
April 21     Valle Series 2/3      
May 11 (Sat)     Mother's Day Race Zealot    
May 19      Valle Series 3/3      
*May 25     Butler Mission Bay to Oceanside Race N/A    
 *May 26     Oceanside to San Diego Race  N/A    
June 2     Boland Series 1/3  Pandora    
 June 16      Father's Day Race  Slingshot     
 June 22 (Sat)      John Bate Overnighter N/A    
June 23     John Bate Overnighter  N/A    
 *June 30      Charity Bay Race N/A    
 July 7      Boland Series 2/3      
July 20 (Sat)     Coast Gaurd Auxiliary Overnighter N/A    
 July 21     Coast Gaurd Auxiliary Overnighter    N/A    
*July 27 (Sat)     Three Mark Fiasco N/A    
August 18     Boland Series 3/3      
                 September 8     Paul Whitehead Cowboy Stampede      
October 12 (Sat)     Pavey Overnighter N/A    
 October 13     Pavey Overnighter N/A    
 October 27     Graham Shand Series 1/3      
November 10     Graham Shand Series 2/3 Escapade    
 November 24     Graham Shand Series 3/3 Seeya