Posted: 5/23/2020 6:58:57 AM
Attention Members:

As many of you have heard by now, the Governor has given San Diego County permission to open dine-in restaurants. That permission came with the expectation of restaurants following the guidelines set forth by the San Diego County Health Department. I assure you the Board of Directors, Club Manager, and employees are all looking forward to reopening the Club as much as our members.

I’m very happy to announce the Club will reopen at noon tomorrow, Saturday May 22nd for the Memorial Day Weekend.  We want our members to be able to enjoy the Club as they honor the military personnel who died while serving this country.  

We will be keeping the limited kitchen hours as well as the limited menu for this weekend and through next week as we begin the process of bringing back staff. As the kitchen gets restocked, we will expand the menu. Our Executive Chef, Adam Schwartz, has been dealing with significant shortages in food availability, but that has not stopped him from preparing some limited specials for this weekend which will be featured in a subsequent announcement. We are prepared to serve our members for as long as our existing inventory of food lasts. 

If you decide to come to the Clubhouse this weekend, please keep in mind the following:

If you have any signs of sickness, do not come to the Club.  Your mask is required at all times in the Clubhouse unless you are eating at your table.  Whenever possible, please remember to keep adequate space between other members and wait staff.  Chairs around the bar have been removed. Service will be at tables only. No food or drink will be served at the bar.

The kitchen hours will be from noon until 7 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  Noon until 6 PM on Monday. The Clubhouse will be closed Tuesday.

Tables will be spaced according to the County Health Department requirements. Please do not move tables or chairs. If you show up with a large group of family members be prepared to split the party between two tables.
Go easy on your server. They have been out of work for several months.  With the exception of Guinness, we are out of stock of draught beer and attempts to order more have not been fulfilled as of yet.

We are all in this together, please follow the rules so that we can remain open.


Ryan Hunter
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Posted: 5/15/2020 11:33:57 AM
Dear Members,

I am pleased to announce the introduction of our new Wine Program!  As a privilege of membership, this program enables you to purchase any case of wine at a 10% margin markup over wholesale prices and have it delivered to your yacht or car.  All bottles within your cases will be labeled with our burgee which entitles you to complimentary corkage service any time thereafter at the Club.

Participation in the Wine Program is easy.  Just email your inquiry to and I will quote you a price.  If the price meets with your approval, please confirm your order via email.  I will contact you when your case is ready for delivery.  In observance of social-distancing protocols, I will deliver the case(s) to your slip, or load them into your trunk, while you remain in your yacht or car.   
The list of available wines is vast and always changing so we generally do not publish a list, however, we will sometimes alert our members to specials. 

As a requirement of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), all orders must be accompanied by a food order.  To fulfill this requirement, all wine orders will be accompanied by a bag of chips.  Alternatively, you may place a food order from our menu to accompany your wine delivery. 
Once the restaurant reopens, we invite you to enjoy your wines on Club premises. As an added benefit, your wine purchases will count toward your quarterly food & beverage minimums.

I look forward to responding to your price inquiries and fulfilling your orders at your earliest convenience.

Please click Read More... for FAQs

All the best, 
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Posted: 5/11/2020 8:48:22 AM
In the last few months several yacht clubs in the LA area were served with cease and desist orders from the county. It was the direct result of having too many people on the property breaking the county health mandates to fight the Covid19 pandemic. Those clubs were required to completely shut down. 

I’m coming to you today because tomorrow is the start of another weekend and it looks like the weather is going to be glorious. Although the county is expected to be lifting some of the restrictions on businesses, we don’t expect any changes to the current policy as it relates to having only household members aboard a boat or any changes to social distancing. 

We understand many of our members have strong feelings about the county restrictions. From the moment the Bay was closed, your Club leadership has been lobbying to allow members - who follow social distancing and household restrictions - access to the Bay on their boats. 

Over the last two weeks we (SWYC, CYC, SGYC, and SDYC) worked with the Port Tenants Association and the Harbor Police to assure the County Health Department our members could be counted on to abide by the directives. It is the direct result of this interaction that led to the opening of the Bay to members of the same household. 

Please keep that in mind as you visit the Club and take your boat out this weekend. We are counting on you to do the right thing. 

This past weekend I received multiple complaints (including photos) of clear violations of the same household and social-distancing rules. Let’s not have any of those this weekend. We’re almost there. The skies are starting to clear but we need to be vigilant for a little longer. 

Ryan Hunter


Southwestern Yacht Club
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Posted: 5/3/2020 8:09:17 AM
Per the County of San Diego Order of Health Office and Emergency Regulations, effective at 12:00 a.m. on Friday, May 1st, 2020, recreational boating shall be allowed provided all occupants of the boat are from the same family or household.

It’s not a directive to completely open the bay, but we are moving in the right direction. There are going to be incremental steps like this as we navigate the course toward getting the Club back to normal. 

Unfortunately, opening the Club may take longer than expected.  I ask everyone for your patience during this process.  There is no playbook so we are working hard to deal with the daily changes while also anticipating what might be on the horizon. 

The yacht clubs, along with the Port Tenants Association, Harbor Police, and the Port of San Diego, all have the same goal of safely and fully opening the Club/Bay, but to do so is going to require the commitment of our members to follow the directives of the County Health Office. 

If you choose to take your boat out, you are expected to only do so if the occupants are from the same family or household.  I have given my assurances that our members will adhere to this rule.  Please also remember to not congregate on the docks and maintain six-feet separation from members outside your household.  
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This blog has been established to keep the SWYC membership informed of the latest COVID-19 developments affecting the Club.  Please check back frequently for updates.