Keep Social Distancing While Enjoying Boating

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Keep Social Distancing While Enjoying Boating

In the last few months several yacht clubs in the LA area were served with cease and desist orders from the county. It was the direct result of having too many people on the property breaking the county health mandates to fight the Covid19 pandemic. Those clubs were required to completely shut down. 

I’m coming to you today because tomorrow is the start of another weekend and it looks like the weather is going to be glorious. Although the county is expected to be lifting some of the restrictions on businesses, we don’t expect any changes to the current policy as it relates to having only household members aboard a boat or any changes to social distancing. 

We understand many of our members have strong feelings about the county restrictions. From the moment the Bay was closed, your Club leadership has been lobbying to allow members - who follow social distancing and household restrictions - access to the Bay on their boats. 

Over the last two weeks we (SWYC, CYC, SGYC, and SDYC) worked with the Port Tenants Association and the Harbor Police to assure the County Health Department our members could be counted on to abide by the directives. It is the direct result of this interaction that led to the opening of the Bay to members of the same household. 

Please keep that in mind as you visit the Club and take your boat out this weekend. We are counting on you to do the right thing. 

This past weekend I received multiple complaints (including photos) of clear violations of the same household and social-distancing rules. Let’s not have any of those this weekend. We’re almost there. The skies are starting to clear but we need to be vigilant for a little longer. 

Ryan Hunter


Southwestern Yacht Club
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