2018 Adult Sailing - Ending Cruise


Our Adult Sabot Sailing Class had a blast over the course of the summer.  The group meets on Thursday evenings, from 5:00 Pm - 7:00 PM, throughout the course of the summer.  This year's group, led by the truly wonderful Dee Van Horne, consisted of some seasoned veterans and newcomers.  For some, the class was all about learning about sailing for the first time, others were checking out a Sabot for the first time, some were honing their Sabot and sailing skills, and all were in for the social scene!  

The group concluded their class with a fun cruise to a far away land, all the way accross La Playa, where they enjoyed some food and refreshment.  Students even surprised Dee with a nice thank you gift.

Click here to check out the image gallery from the cruise.