Southwestern Racing Fleet (SWRF)

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Date SWRF 2021 Race Calendar Race Info RC Boat
Jan. 10 Not the Sullivan Series 1/3 SI  Times  Results  
Jan. 24 Not the Sullivan Series 2/3 SI  Times  Results  
Feb. 14 Not the Sullivan Series 3/3 SI  Times  Results  
Feb. 21 Not the Disraeli Series 1/3 SI  Times  Results  
Mar. 7 Not the Disraeli Series 2/3 SI  Times  Results  
Mar. 21 Not the Disraeli Series 3/3 SI  Times  Results  
Apr. 11 Not the Valle Series 1/3 SI  Times  Results  
Apr. 25 Not the Valle Series 2/3 SI  Times  Results  
May 8 Mother's Day Race SI  Times  Results  
May 23 Not the Valle Series 3/3 SI  Times  Results  
June 12 John Bate Overnighter 1/2 SI  Times  Results Komet
June 13 John Bate Overnighter 2/2 SI  Times  Results Komet
June 20 Fathers Day Race SI  Times  Results  
July 11 Boland Series 1/3 SI  Times  Results  
July 17 CGAux Overnighter 1/2 SI  Times  Results  
July 18 CGAux Overnighter 2/2 SI  Times  Results  
Aug 1 Boland Series 2/3 SI  Times  Results Spirit of Constellation
Aug. 15 Boland Series 3/3 SI  Times  Results Belle
Sept. 5 Paul Whitehead Cowboy Stampede SI  Times  Results  
Oct. 9 Pavey Overnighter 1/2 SI  Times  Results  
Oct. 10 Pavey Overnighter 2/2 SI  Times  Results  
Oct. 24 Graham Shand Series 1/3 SI  Times  Results  Photos Bellatrix
Nov. 7 Graham Shand Series 2/3 SI  Times  Results Comfort Zone
Nov. 21 Graham Shand Series 3/3 SI  Times  Results August Benhardt

The Southwestern Racing Fleet (SWRF) is part of Sail Fleet and was organized to promote sailboat racing at the family level for members only. Contact us (see below) to learn how you can race your own boat or crew on another boat in the next race. The objective is to provide opportunities for the development of sailing skills and for social activities among friends and family members. The racing season is from January to November, with December set aside for social events and award ceremonies. Some of the races include overnight raft-ups at Mission Bay or Glorietta Bay. The intent is to promote a love for the sport of sailing in general, and racing in particular, among friends and family members. We look forward to seeing you on the water or at some of the events this year.

SWRF Fleet Captain
William Mason at (360) 649-8343 or [email protected]

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